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Sprinkler Systems: Repair and Maintenance

Irrigation systems may seem simple, but a lot can go wrong. Especially if you are not looking for the proper signs. We perform annual maintenance and system repairs.

We back the products we use 100% of the time.

If anything we install fails, we fix it. No exceptions!

Our Annual Maintenance Package includes:

A visit from a technician in the spring shortly after the thaw. In this visit we will charge the system and go through each zone, inspecting and adjusting as we go. We will note any repairs needed and any suggestions on future maintenance as well as ensure your control panel is set properly, and any pumps are inspected if applicable.

In the Fall there is another visit to shut the winterize the system. In this visit a technician will shut the water to the system down, open the blow out spigot attached to the main water line and extract the water from the system using compressed air. While we are blowing each zone out, our tech will walk through each zone noting any problems or possible future issues if any exist. Otherwise, at the end of this process the tech will make sure all valves are closed and your clock is unplugged for the season.


Irrigation is the process of applying controlled amounts of water to plants in specific intervals. Irrigation helps to grow agricultural crops, maintain landscapes, and re-vegetate disturbed soils in dry areas during periods of less than average rainfall.

Irrigation also has other uses in  lawn care including frost protection and drought control. Knowing when and how to adjust your system can be tricky if you are not trained in the subject. It is not a difficult task to make adjustments to your system. However, it takes a basic understanding of the biology behind the growth and health of certain grass species, in a specific climate zone, to utilize a sprinkler system effectively, to be conservative and still maintain a beautiful and healthy lawn.