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All mowing services include edging along flowerbeds and concrete surfaces as needed, trimming the perimeter of the lawn, and cleaning up lawn debris from patios, walkways and driveways.

Scheduled maintenance for your lawn and landscaping is essential for the health of the living eco-system you call your property. The more attention paid to this eco-system the more beautiful it can be.  

Lawn mowing should be performed on a regular weekly basis and at mowing heights of 2.5”-3.5”. This should remain consistent for the types of grasses found in our climate zone here in the Capital Region of New York. 

We tend to not bag our clippings unless it is going to make a mess of your lawn, so we are not stealing the nutrients back from the lawn. As those clipping break down, they contain and provide essential nutrients that the soil needs to keep promoting healthy growth. Although, it is not regular practice for us you can always request that we bag. It does take longer and it does cost more but we are always willing to accomodate.

Using our software, the mowing team can keep detailed notes on your property so that every crew member can help personalize your service. Our lawn mowing teams are equipped with every resource needed to tackle the job quickly, efficiently, and professionally. The equipment we use up to date and serviced regularly reducing breakdowns and guaranteeing greater reliability and superior quality.

The Lawn Care Company LLC is a continuing education company. This means we are constantly scouring the industry for the best solutions to common problems as well as new technology to help improve quality. We train our service teams to make decisions for your properties well-being on a regular basis and provide the capabilities to communicate their findings and decisions, so we can all work together to deliver the best possible lawn care service.

 So, whether its “Taking back your weekends” or “letting us take care of the mess” The Lawn Care Company LLC can take over your lawn and landscaping services at any time and free that time up where you could otherwise be golfing, fishing, cooking, getting the kids to and from school or even helping your daughter/grand-daughter practice for her next recital.