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We use 100% locally sourced mulch, manufactured right here in the capital region of New York. Real Bark Mulch in Fort Edward is our source for the best mulch in the area. Their product has no other true competition in our area. They supply everything from the most basic bark mulch, to our favorite “Saratoga Peat”.

These products are filled with the best ORGANIC nutrients your plants could ask for. As the mulch or compost continues to break down, it releases essential nutrients into the soil and absorbed by the roots of your shrubs and ornamental trees.

Adding mulch or river stone to your beds is beneficial in many ways. Most importantly is appearance. We take our time and our money and invest it into our properties for one common goal most of the time. APPEARANCE!

We plant in front of our homes to try and blend in with the surroundings or build new surroundings and cover up the ugly foundation. Mulch is the perfect way to accent the colors of the home and the plants around them.

A great way to accent your home is to tie into the surrounding landscape. Natural landscape is full of many different colors that you wouldn’t normally see on most homes and most homes are built using straight lines and square corners where natural landscape is full of curves and circles. Tying the two together can quite often be a difficult task. Especially with modern homes which are clean and very square.

Mulch also acts as a moisture retainer for the plants and helps keep the soil beneath cool and moist for much longer than any other covering.

Stone bed coverings however, are a great way to accent the home and reduce the maintenance involved with a traditional mulch landscape bed. River bed stone comes in many sizes and if installed properly you can still plant many different shrubs and trees in a stone bed. The most commonly used stones are 2″-3″ round river stones. Sizes all the way up to 18″ can be placed in many arrangements to add depth as well. Stone and mulch can often be used together to create a healthy border between the plants and the foundation. 

Stone landscape beds are a little more costly up front than a mulch bed due to the extra weight causing more labor and added materials needed such as “30 year  woven” landscape fabric. Fabric is not needed under mulch and we ABSOLUTELY do NOT install landscape fabric under mulch. Landscape fabric is a weed barrier and mulch is a weed suppressant. Weed will eventually grow in the mulch as well as grass and the roots often take hold of the landscape fabric and as you try and remove the weeds or grass you pull up the fabric making a bigger mess and causing higher maintenance costs in the future.