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Spring Cleanup

The typical property cleanup includes removal of sticks and small branches, trimming perennials, leaf cleanup, and plow damage repair can be added to this list.

Most of our customers have an early spring cleanup to get their property in shape for summer and cleanup winter storm debris. Some perennials or shrubs should be trimmed in the spring because many plants like hydrangeas have more blooms from the new growth and they also are in bloom during shrub trimming season.

It is important to remove leaves and pine needles from your lawn so that they don’t decompose and damage the grass.  Too much debris causes a higher soil acidity as it breaks down and leaves the wrong type of nutrients for your lawn. High acidity levels cause a stunt in growth from the grass roots and thus creates a thinner, less lush and full turf. It is a myth that mulching your leaves is a good thing. Yes, it will turn to compost which is good. However, while it is breaking down it is highly acidic and full of nitrogen. To make matters worse that nitrogen against the foliage can lead to burning in a hot spring.

Fall Cleanup

The typical fall clean up includes blowing or raking the leaves out of the beds, then bagging or blowing leaves to haul away or sometimes blowing the leaves into a wooded area on your property if available. Along with the leaves we clean up any other debris such as sticks, litter from the public. Then in late fall we will do another cleanup to cut back perennials, ornamental grasses, cleanup the remaining fallen leaves, and cut the blooms of plants like hydrangeas, to get the property ready for winter. 

Most of our customers get 2 rounds of fall cleanup to get their property in shape for winter. Some clients opt into weekly fall clean ups in replacement of their scheduled weekly mowing for an additional fee. Often this time of year, grass is growing slow enough, if you replace your weekly mowing with a weekly clean up visit, the cost is similar to a mow or slightly higher depending on the property. Most times we are able to keep your yard looking great straight through until the first snow.

During your fall clean up most perennials are trimmed because they typically die back each year and it leaves a bit of a messier look in the beds when there is no snow to cover the dead plant matter. It is not uncommon for those who do not care about the appearance to leave the plant there to act as “insulation” to the root system during the early frost season in the spring, but it is standard practice for us to clean up the perennials during your visits as needed.

It is also important to remove leaves and pine needles from your lawn so that they don’t suffocate the grass. Along with removing the leaves from beds before they break down and stick to the mulch. Making it difficult to keep the mulch out of the lawn during the following years spring clean-up.